Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Soul Fry @ Pali Vegetable Market, Pali Naka

How to get there: Get to Pali Naka, take a turn after the HDFC bank. Go straight up and at the T-Junction, take a right. Then uphill again to another t-junction, where you turn right again. A little way down, you should see it on your right.

The first time I went to Soul Fry was awesome. I had just moved to Bombay, and was very, very new. I went with a friend and a friend of a friend, who happened to be a singer. This was great, because Soul Fry is the most fun on Monday nights where they have karaoke--a relatively new concept for me, because they don't do karaoke in Delhi. (The one place that did, Aquafir, is now defunct.)

Anyway, so Singergirl and I choose Bohemian Rhapsody--which is one of my all time favourite karaoke songs--and she was standing behind the pillar and I was in visible view of the screen and of other people. Of course, she rocked that song, and I sang as best as I could and people cheered for me (because they could see me) and it was a most triumphant moment. Also, the same night I saw Malaika Arora Khan and they played Chaiyya Chaiyya just for her and she got up on the table and danced.

Subsequently, I love karaoke nights and I love Soul Fry. It's just a tad small for the crowds that come in, and back in the good old days when you could smoke at bars, you emerged with every part of you exuding nicotine and alcohol. They do a really good Bloody Mary as well, and the food is fabulous.

Here's what you should order off the menu: 1) green chilli garlic calamari 2) prawns on toast 3) Portugese prawn rice and 4) Bombay duck. Trust me. I've ordered pretty much most of the stuff on there, and this is TRULY the best.

All of Bandra is usually at Soul Fry on Mondays, and you'll always get one old dude singing My Way and one singer chick type group doing Breathless. It's nice that some things don't change.

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Ananva said...

I am so going to this place when I visit in December!

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