Friday, March 2, 2012

TLR @ Hauz Khas Village

Directions: Park in the Hauz Khas Village parking lot, walk down a little bit and it's to your left right. You'll see the people. 

Ugh, TLR (The Living Room) is ridiculously loud and ridiculously pretentious, but sometimes they have decent live music and it's always been super popular, so I guess the masses have spoken? I've never managed to get a table long enough to actually eat here, but I have fought my way to the bar and they do okay cocktails, so that's good. The dance floor is less of a floor than a space, and you sort of wiggle about, avoiding other people with drinks in their hands before you give up and make your way to the third floor where there is a lovely (normally uncrowded) balcony with seating space. You can no longer hear the music, but who cares? Do you? I don't. It's too loud. Fun fact: if you have guests in from out of town, they will love love LOVE this space, I take all my visitors here and it has always been met with appreciation.


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