Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bonobo@ Linking Road (just off KFC)

How to get there: Get to Linking Road. Keep going straight down till you see a giant red KFC sign on your right. Take that left turn in and walk towards the shopping complex next to KFC. Look for an elevator on the side, take it up to the third floor. A bouncer should be there anyway, to guide you.

(Stephen in the comments on the last post asked me to do a review of Global Fusion, because they're considering taking it to Bangalore. I don't do food reviews on this blog, but I can give Global Fusion (opposite Bonobo, by the way!) my full five star recommendation. Excellent buffet lunch at very reasonable prices and GOOD SUSHI! Do it!)

Bonobo is the new Zenzi. There's no doubt about it. It was packed on a Friday night when we went visiting, and I believe it's had many packed nights before that. The music is, eh, a little too electronic for my taste, but there are lots of pretty people and a smoking section outside.

They're known for their martinis, which I did not try, but I did have a Kamikaze shot, which tasted exactly as it should.

It gets really crowded though. Like standing room only, crowded. If you're not the kind of person who can stay vertical on high heels for over four hours, I'd suggest you wear flats or risk winding up on a stool all night like I did.

It is a little pricey though, definitely not your everyday local bar, but the people are pretty, the waiters effecient and the atmosphere lively enough to get your money's worth on a weekend.

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