Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Toto's @ Pali Naka

How to get there: Get to Pali Naka, take the last right turn before the hill and voila! there it is on your left.

(A guest review by long time Toto's lover, S.)

Toto's is the old faithful, where you go when you can think of nowhere else to go, or don't feel like dressing up or have had a reaaahhllly bad day at work and need to vent (no, not to random strangers, friends). It could've been really shady looking, but the nice crowd ensures that it isn't.

The garage decor, complete with the models of cars and other tools on the walls and the neon lighting are really nice, if loud (Disclaimer: They sometimes make people appear more attractive than they are) Around 30-40% of the people on any given night are regulars and chances are if you keep going there often enough, you will know most of them.

The drinks are quite decent and not too expensive. The price of beer was increased a few months back so that will set you back by around Rs 500 for a pitcher.Bloody Mary's are quite tangy, and worth a try if you don't like your drinks too sweet.

The food is phenomenal, and things I would recommend are:
1. Pork/Chicken sausages (Grilled, Tandoor or Fried)
2. Chicken Cheese Omlette
3. Chicken Pepper Steak
4. Chicken Wire Mesh
5. Kheema Pao or some such which I've seen a lot of people ordering but haven't tried myself. Apart from this the kebabs and masala peanuts etc. are quite yummy too.

The music hasn't changed over the past 2 years, and I suspect it has been the same a lot longer. You will get to hear a new track or two, but expect to listen to the same sort of music on most nights. Floyd, Dire Straits, Cold Play, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. being examples of the genre.The thing I've heard from most people about Toto's is that no one can pinpoint what it is that makes the place tick, but tick it does, with barely enough standing room on Friday nights when it is the busiest, with a decent crowd on most nights.

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Push Vs Pull said...

Feels like home !
Classic music & small cosy place :)

We have to lagaav little bit of maska to uncle to get place it works for us!

Thanks E'\m/

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