Monday, August 10, 2009

Cavala @ Baga Beach

How to get there: Get to Baga beach, ask for the Britto's road. A little while after the crossroads, look for a sign with a fish on it on your right.

Previously at Cavala:
eM has THIRTEEN tequila shots.
eM has no memory of the ensuing evening.

So, I was kinda embarrassed about going back, but seriously, off-season time in Goa isn't exactly party central and Baga beach is the only one with a little life. Besides, Cavala, sober, is lovely. It's quite cheap too--1350 per room for the non-AC superior kind--and they have the nicest pool, which we had pretty much to ourselves. (More details on The Compulsive Confessor).

Cavala has three retro-ish evenings on the weekends--a live band all three days, but I liked the Friday night band the most. The drinks are a little more expensive than the shacks, but they do lovely food and hey, expensive for Goa is 250 for a drink as opposed to 150.

We asked the band to play Breakfast at Tiffany's or Wild Thing, which they didn't know, but they did oblige with a very nice version of Ain't No Sunshine. All in all, Cavala + off season = lovely mix of liveliness and having the place to yourself.

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now-self said...

Cavala's lovely. Did you check out their three huts around the pool? They cost more money, but they're worth it.

Chrisann said...

flirt with the owner get drinks for free

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