Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Boat Club @ Pali Presidency, Pali Naka

How to get there: Get to Pali Naka, go a little beyond the HDFC bank and look on your right. It's right before Five Spice restaurant.

Shady little place, with shady people more often than not. The music is loud--sometimes Pink Floyd, sometimes popular hip-hop, dancy stuff. But, I dunno. There's an inexplicable something to Boat Club, despite its shadiness. We do go there more often than we should.

Is it the cheapish alcohol? No, because there are many places with the same price ranges. Is it the food? Erm, my seekh kebabs have been unrecognisable before. Is it the ambience? It has a funny smell and dark--not just dim--interiors.

No, Boat Club draws you back, I think, for its very shadiness. You enjoy (ironically, of course) the loud music, the thick french fries, the Romanov Vodka. You get up after much drunkeness to dance to SexyBack. You do as I do and go on your second date with your present boyfriend here, where you can be drunk and flirt wildly and no one will bat an eyelash. It has nooks.

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Vance said...

Boat club at pali presidency is the best place to enjoy the music and Vodka. I think it'd the perfect place to go for a date.

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