Monday, August 3, 2009

The Drunken Diva

A long time ago, when I still worked in Delhi with the internet start-up, I started a blog with them called the Drunken Diva. The aim was to be a separate blog from The Compulsive Confessor, which I tried to do cleverly by making references to "eM" and talking about myself as "we". The blog was basically about reviewing Delhi nightlife honestly and fairly.

Anyway so this morning I got a comment on that long ago blog (some spam thing on curing male impotence) and I was so curious that I retrieved the password and logged on to the email address and I went through the blog and realised it was a damn good idea, even now.

You can see the old blog here. As for this space, I'm going to be doing exactly the same thing--reviews about Bombay's (or Delhi's) nightlife, done from my P.O.V. Anyone wanting to chime in or suggest a review can email me at thecompulsiveconfessorATgmailDOTcom. I want this to be a collaborative effort, as far as possible.

Welcome! And enjoy your weekend!


Push Vs Pull said...

I have emailed you few places check it :)

Enjoy your trip to goa !

Hope to see some reviews about pubs in Goa (Flying Buddha Etc.)

Happy Journey

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