Friday, October 2, 2009

Woodside Inn @ Colaba

(How to get there: Get to Regal Cinema, abandon your taxi and cross the road. Just opposite from Citibank is Woodside Inn.)

And, before you ask, new projects have kept me super busy, so I forgot I even had a second blog. Grr. So much to do, so little time. It's Colaba Week here at Toasted Mostly, I feel I give Bandra much too much attention, so we're going to walk up and down the Causeway for the next couple of posts. Cheers!

So, Woodside Inn. In three words: Pretty. Damn. Awesome. Not too pricey, which is surprising and with really good food. I particularly like the cocktails (BLOODY MARYS ARE BLOODY GOOD!), but they also do a selection of beers from across the world. The usual suspects are all there, and some really random ones as well. Worth a shot, if you're a beer afficianado and have an afternoon to kill!

And it's a quiet little place in the daytime, free wifi, which is always a plus, and nice food. (I ordered the four cheese pizza last time I was there with mutton pepperoni, which was slightly overoily but still good).

All in all, I don't have reams to say about Woodside Inn, but it does make for a nice afterparty spot post a talk or an art exhibition or a play around that side of town.


Katherine Taylor said...

very insightful about bombay night life. i would love to visit there

Rajvi said...

Its one of my fav spots too. comfy,cosy and reasonably priced

Push Vs Pull said...

I still don't believe it but would not mind trying since Gokul is so near by always welcome bagdadi adds the excitement.

Em go to Gokul it's local place just like Janta & Yacht types (bandra).


G said...

interestingly, I visited two of these places in my visit to Mumbai last week.

Woodside Inn was awesome - good food, good beers and good music, all set in perfect ambience.

Banana Bar - didn't appreciate this 'pool parlor' as much!

Good blog - like reading it and updating myself on places in Mumbai

Push Vs Pull said...

Busy Bee right something like hello:o we are still waiting,

Dude ? Time please :)

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