Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Zenzi Mills vs. Zenzi Bandra

How to get there:
Zenzi Bandra: Get to Waterfield Road and head towards Linking road, away from ICICI bank. It's an orange building with fairy lights on it.
Zenzi Mills: Get to Lower Parel and go under the third flyover (which will take you past Phoenix Mills). Look for the ICICI bank on your right and a gate after it that says 'Todi & Co.' Take the gate inside and it's on your right.

As a Bandra loyalist, I should be all about Zenzi Bandra, but, what can I say, their quality seems to be falling a little bit. And so to help me (and possibly you) out a little bit, I'm going to make a list of pros and cons for each establishment and then we'll reach a verdict. Cool? Cool.

FOR Zenzi Bandra

  1. Is in Bandra (Duh)
  2. Can smoke in the outside section (obviously, smoking in a bar is all I need these days)
  3. Is slightly cheaper
  4. Can wear whatever you like, even though some people dress up, there doesn't seem to be an obligation.
  5. Used to be able to bump into your whole social circle there, but I don't know if that applies anymore, since no one seems to be going these days.

AGAINST Zenzi Bandra

  1. Has become a little bit run down, specially their interiors
  2. The outside section is HOT, crowded and basically uncomfortable.
  3. No one goes anymore.
  4. They did away with quiz nights.
  5. Still pricier than a lot of places with better service.

FOR Zenzi Mills:

  1. Posh enough inside to justify you spending all that money.
  2. Nice little dance floor with hip-hop nostalgiac music.
  3. Usually meet lots of people here, and not just townies either.
  4. Very nice interiors--just the right amount of darkness and dim lighting and no dining tables which just make me feel like I'm cheating for only drinking and not eating any food.
  5. Is in Lower Parel, which, granted, is not Bandra, but if you get bored there are loads of fancy places you can hop to next which are only a stone's throw away.

AGAINST Zenzi Mills:

  1. Is NOT in Bandra. I only go to town when I really, really need to.
  2. Is more expensive. (So, I make the trek, which means I need to justify it, which means I will drink more alcohol. Q.E.D)
  3. Really, really limited seating, which sucks. In Zenzi Bandra, you are almost always able to find a bar stool.
  4. AND you can't smoke inside. Boooooooo!

Oh my, I didn't expect that. Looks like all in all, Zenzi Mills (just about) defeats Zenzi Bandra. We'll keep that in mind next time we have a Zenzi craving. That is weird.

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No enigma here. I'm your girl-next-door said...

Ya the interiors of Zenzi Mills rock! I went to their launch party - it was free booze :D
Hey you missed something - at Zenzi Mills they have two levels with two DJs playing at the same time - more choice when it comes to music!!

Push Vs Pull said...

I have been to Bandra but have not been at lower parel yet. Seems like good place. Smoking zone is the only thing I like. :)

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